China’s 3 key OOH Conferences Announced Demonstrate Urgency to Promote Economy Recovery

China’s 3 key OOH Conferences Announced Demonstrate Urgency to Promote Economy Recovery

World’s 2nd largest OOH market, China’s OOH supply is fragmented with over 100,000 companies.  The vast territory makes cross-market business development relatively difficult.  National forum activities have become a communication platform for outdoor practitioners.  The quarantine measures of the epidemic situation not only caused a sudden drop in outdoor traffic, the OOH advertising was severely affected, and the annual industry peer events also stopped.

There are currently three major outdoor forum activities in China.  The 17th "China OOH Communication Conference" hosted by Asian Outdoor Magazine is normally scheduled in May.  The "China OOH Forum" promoted by the China Advertising Association used to be held in Qinhuangdao in August; and usually in the third quarter, the "China OOH Innovation Conference", created by the ZhaoGuangWan/ OOH Insight Reference.  They provide a communication platform for meeting OOH friends, exchanging experiences, and also exhibition of equipment/technology, and awards.  As with major events around the world, the first half of the year was completely halted due to the epidemic.

After the epidemic gradually stabilized and controlled, in order to boost the sluggish business climate and accelerate market recovery, the three major outdoor forum events in China announced the latest event reports.
-    "China Outdoor Communication Conference": 7/29-31 was held in Jinan, Shandong;
-    "China Outdoor Advertising Forum": 8/20-21 held in Taiyuan, Shanxi;
-    "China Outdoor Advertising Innovation Conference": 9/16-18 held in Changsha, Hunan.
The exchanges and seminars that have been staged in succession are expected to inject vitality and business opportunities into the OOH industry.




-    「中国户外传播大会」:7/29-31在山东济南举行;
-    「中国户外广告论坛」:8/20-21在山西太原举办;
-    「中国户外广告创新大会」:9/16-18在湖南长沙举办。