Rising Star Award

Rising Star Award


This is awarded to someone who has already made an outstanding contribution to the OOH industry and who is aged 30 or under. They should be either employed by / connected to a company directly involved in the OOH Medium, i.e. an OOH media owner, specialist or technology provider. The person nominated must be aged 30 or under on 1st March prior to the Awards in that year.

The Rising Star Award for Out of Home executives under 30 - 2019

Victoria Hirst

Senior International Marketing Manager, blowUP media UK

Hall of Fame - 2018 Joint Winners

Tess Phillips, OMA

Stephanie Gutnik, Broadsign

For more information on the winning campaigns please refer to the newsletters as below:

2019 url - https://www.worldooh.org/newsletter.php?id=334

2018 - ul https://www.worldooh.org/newsletter.php?id=314

2017 - url  https://www.worldooh.org/newsletter.php?id=243

2016 - url https://www.worldooh.org/newsletter.php?id=192

2015 - url https://www.worldooh.org/newsletter.php?id=143