Awards Committee 2020

World OOH Award Judges 2020

Awards Committee 2020

The WOO Awards Committee is chaired by Katrin Robertson, and includes the Tom Goddard current President, the past Presidents (still active in OOH), two Board members, the recipient of last year’s Lifetime Achievement Award, plus a recognised Creative Director for the Creative Award. 

Chair of Judges

Katrin Robertson , CEO

Katrin Robertson

blowUP media UK

In 1995 Katrin joined the Ströer Group becoming Director of International Sales of blowUP media subsidiary in London in 2002. In 2007, Katrin was appointed Group Managing Director of the blowUP media Group for International Sales as well as the European divisions for Marketing and Communications, along with R&D.

In 2012, Robertson relocated to blowUP media’s London office as UK Managing Director. She was appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the blowUP media Group in 2013. She joined ‘World Out of Home Organization’ (previously FEPE) as Vice President in 2018.


Tom Goddard, Chairman

Tom Goddard

Ocean Outdoor UK

Tom is the Chairman of Ocean Outdoor, President of WOO and also a shareholder and Director of a number of private media companies: Buzzbike – Director; Marketing Force – Chairman; Outdoor Media Advisory – Chairman; Atlantic Media – Director; Highstead Partners - Senior Advisor; London Irish Centre (Charity) – Trustee. He also acts in an advisory role for several UK and US based Private Equity houses.

Until 2007 he was Chief Executive Officer for CBS Outdoor’s International division, overseeing a team of over 2,500 employees across Europe and Asia, with revenues of approx. $800m posted in 2006. Prior to his seven-year term at CBS he worked (at C.E.O. level) for several major UK and International Out of Home Media companies including Viacom, Metro Advertising and Maiden Outdoor.

Recently he was the lead Executive Producer on a full-length feature film called Gholam which was premiered at the EEFF (East End Film Festival) and plans to become more active in this Arena. Tom is a member of the London and Euro Chapters of the Young Presidents Organisation (YPO Gold) and also a member of C.E.O.

John Ellery, Executive Director

John Ellery

Executive Director
World Out of Home Organisation UK

John joined the OOH industry with London + Provincial Poster Group in 1968 becoming main Board Director in 1977, also joining the Board of Adshel Ltd, a joint venture with More O'Ferrall. 1981 he joined Dennis Sullivan at specialist Portland Outdoor advertising. In 1995 he joined Poster Publicity where he developed the International division and opened 18 offices worldwide.

Having been involved in FEPE - the now Global OOH Association, - since 1970, he became consultant and Executive director in 2005, where he continues. He is also Global advisor to AYUDA Systems. 

Antonio Vincenti, Chairman & CEO

Antonio Vincenti

Chairman & CEO
Pikasso Lebanon

Antonio is the CEO of Pikasso which he founded in 1986 in the Levant operating in the main sectors of billboards, urban furniture, and transport advertising. He is also a founding member and president of the Syndicate of Outdoor Advertising companies in Lebanon. He was President of ‘World Out of Home Organization’ (previously FEPE) from 2015 to 2017 and is currently a Vice President.

Christian Schmalzl , Co-CEO

Christian Schmalzl

Ströer SE & Co. KGaA Germany

In 2002, Christian became MediaCom’s youngest managing director in the group’s history. He was made Worldwide Chief Operations & Investment Director (COO) at the age of 36. In 2012 Christian joined Ströers Board of Management as COO and in 2017 he was appointed Co-CEO of Ströer SE & Co. KGaA. He joined ‘World Out of Home Organization’ (previously FEPE) as Vice President in 2014.

Jeremy Male , Chairman & CEO

Jeremy Male

Chairman & CEO
Outfront Media USA & Canada

Prior to 2000, Jeremy served as CEO Europe of TDI (later CBS Outdoor. From 2000 to 2013, Jeremey was CEO - UK, Northern Europe and Australia for JCDecaux. He re-joined CBS Outdoor Americas as CEO in September 2013 which become Outfront Media.

Jeremy sits on the board of the OAAA and has also served as Chairman of the Outdoor Media Centre in the UK. Jeremy first joined ‘World Out of Home Organization’ (previously FEPE) in 2012, briefly serving as President in 2013 before his move to USA. He re-joined as Vice President in 2016.

Matthew Dearden, CEO

Matthew Dearden

Alight Media

CEO of Alight Media since launch in November 2018. Prior to Alight Media, he was a Consultant, adviser & coach for Illuminate, and from July 2014 - December 2016 Matthew was President Europe of Clear Channel Outdoor responsible for Clear Channel’s business in 18 European countries, part of a global private equity-owned group. Includes both mature and higher growth (emerging) markets; some businesses in turn-around, others stable and successful. Continuing responsibility for UK, promoted from CEO to Chair; and all International HQ operating functions incl. Sales, Marketing, IT and HR.

Matthew was also FEPE President from 2017-2018.

 Gill Reid , Board Director

Gill Reid

Board Director

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Guy Cheston , CEO,

Guy Cheston


15 years ago Guy moved into the world of luxury retail to establish a media division for Harrods. Harrods Media is now a well established and highly successful business in its own right.

Prior to that, as a Media sales professional with 35 years experience Guy has worked for some of the worlds' leading media companies, including Haymarket Publishing, The Financial Times, Time-Warner, Havas Media Communications, JCDecaux, and Euromoney. 


Dino Burridge


I have a rather eclectic background but suffice to say, my happy place is straddling the blurry cross-section between creativity, technology and innovation. My most recent role helps broadcasters and large corporations set up internal innovation labs to futureproof their businesses. I was previously Technical Director at advertising agency WCRS where we created interactive DOOH campaigns such as Women’s Aid, #TankFree Orca and the real-time 3D Sky Ocean Plastic campaign.

I try not to do the same thing twice and have been Creative Director for a digital marketing agency, founder of a mobile app startup, Head of Creative Technology at Disney, a games developer and publisher at the BBC, children’s IP and toy creator as well as launching movies for Moshi Monsters. I’ve even got a BAFTA somewhere. My role is always to be a sponge, join the dots and get overly excited about pretty much everything.

Randy Otto, President

Randy Otto

Pattison Outdoor

Joined the Out-of-Home industry in 1976 and has been serving as the President of PATTISON Outdoor since 2004. Since 2003, Randy also advises on the board for the Canadian Out of Home Marketing and Measurement Bureau (COMMB).